Suzies Bookshelf Spotlight

It’s OCTOBER which makes it Halloween month, I live in England and we don’t celebrate it as much as The Americans do, I have no idea if other countries do, but this month I have decided to enjoy my guilty pleasure Horror and Crime/Thriller books. I can’t watch horror films, they frighten the life out of me, but I love to read them, Go figure, I can immerse my self in the depraved and the wicked and the bad people of the world with no problems as long as they are caged between the sheets of a book, put them same characters onto celluloid and I am in the fright of my life. So for my first few books I will be delving into the world of Stephen King, were else would you start. He has some of the best out there, he isn’t my favourite, that title belongs to James Herbert, and for the Crime/Thriller genre, I love Martina Cole and Lynda La Plante.

If you have any suggestions for new authors or books that may interest me, I would be glad of the recommendations.

Thrilling, suspenseful, heartbreaking, THE INSTITUTE is a stunning novel of childhood betrayed and hope regained.

Deep in the woods of Maine, there is a dark state facility where kids, abducted from across the United States, are incarcerated. In the Institute they are subjected to a series of tests and procedures meant to combine their exceptional gifts – telepathy, telekinesis – for concentrated effect.

Luke Ellis is the latest recruit. He’s just a regular 12-year-old, except he’s not just smart, he’s super-smart. And he has another gift which the Institute wants to use…

Far away in a small town in South Carolina, former cop Tim Jamieson has taken a job working for the local sheriff. He’s basically just walking the beat. But he’s about to take on the biggest case of his career.

Back in the Institute’s downtrodden playground and corridors where posters advertise ‘just another day in paradise’, Luke, his friend Kalisha and the other kids are in no doubt that they are prisoners, not guests. And there is no hope of escape.

But great events can turn on small hinges and Luke is about to team up with a new, even younger recruit, Avery Dixon, whose ability to read minds is off the scale. While the Institute may want to harness their powers for covert ends, the combined intelligence of Luke and Avery is beyond anything that even those who run the experiments – even the infamous Mrs Sigsby – suspect.

I’m a huge Stephen King fan. The very first book I ever read of his was Carrie, fell in love right there and then, that love has never fallen, I started reading this last night after an epic 3 hour, nose to my kindle race to finish a previous book on my never decreasing, “TO BE READ LIST” I have no idea where my thought process was because ‘COME ON’ It’s Stephen bloody King, KING OF THE DARK SIDE, If you’re a fan, you know what I mean, So today comes with 50% function rate, sleep deprivation (sleep what is that?, for a reader it is an optional pass time), if you are a reader you will understand perfectly . Once you pick up a book of his, it becomes a magnet to your hand and you simply can not, will not put it down. Mr King has remained consistent, in all my years as a reader, his ways of captivating the reader are second to none, and just as horrifying, you can make my hair stand on end, and looking over my shoulder for the rest of the day. Your thought process is quite frankly alarmingly bloody fantastic to the absolute pleasure of your faithful fans. I won’t go into a lot of the story because like all his books go in blind, they all start relatively the same small quaint towns, people living ordinary lives, while we all know its so far from the truth its frightening, I always find that after reading one of his books, I tend to look at the place I live and the people and friends who reside there in a totally different light, wondering if they have guilty secrets, Just go get this latest King release, its epic , well worth the money. I loved it

Monster: The perfect boarding school thriller to keep you up all night  by C.J. SKUSE

Every girl at Bathory School has heard stories about The Beast. No one believed they were true.
Until Now.
'Grisly, nail-biting fun!' 

At sixteen Nash thought that the fight to become Head Girl of prestigious boarding school Bathory would be the biggest battle she’d face. Until her brother’s disappearance leads to Nash being trapped at the school over Christmas with Bathory’s assorted misfits.
As a blizzard rages outside, strange things are afoot in the school’s hallways, and legends of the mysterious Beast of Bathory – a big cat rumoured to room the moors outside the school – run wild.
Yet when the girls’ Matron goes missing it’s clear that something altogether darker is to blame – and that they’ll have to stick together if they hope to survive. 
‘Grisly, nail-biting fun!’

Monster is a frightening thriller that’ll scare you silly, but it’s not without flaws. I  love reading scary from time to time, in fact it’s my guilty pleasure, why I call it this I have no idea, I hate horror films, despise them, but love horror and thriller and real life crime books, where the imagination runs wild, so why that would stop at books is beyond me. I liked the look of this one, the cover and blurb drew me in and as it’s October and obviously Halloween, why not lol. This is set in a boarding school with a frightening myth surrounding the place, like there always is. Monster had me on the edge of my seat for the most part, biting nails, every sound making me jump, why do I do this to myself. Yet can not put it down. It starts out slow and builds and builds, by the time the second half of the book the tension is ratchet up high. It has an amazing cast of people, some good some not so good. Not to much of the plot or there is no need to read it yourself. It does have some places that are not so good and you will have questions of the why and what for, but over all its a jolly good read, first time read from this author. will check out more of her works. Monster is very entertaining and if like a bit of nail biting and edge of your seat reading then this is for you. Will it be enough to over look the flaws, only you can answer that, just don’t expect to be blown away.

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