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Sonny: Texas Kings MC, Book 2 by Cee Bowerman >>> BOOK REVIEW

Sonny ( Texas Kings MC, Book 2 )

Author >>>> Cee Bowerman

Genre >>>>MC Romance

Format >>>> Kindle

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A second chance at romance!

Brenda has tried to go on with her life after Sonny told her he never wanted to see her again. She has dated, disastrously, and become even closer to her group of lifelong friends. Without any help from the love of her life, she has a thriving business, an active social life and a beautiful home of her own. But, she’s missing something. Him. Sonny made mistakes and is now serving his penance to make up for them. Knowing it would be years before he could touch her again, he made a decision to let Brenda go. He broke her heart, even though he convinced himself it was for her own good. Now, he has an opportunity to get his life back. Can he convince Brenda to give him a second chance?


This is the second book in the series.

After reading Kale and loving that, I was a bit anxious about reading book 2, no need it was okay, Its not as good as Kale and Terra’s story if I am honest, it’s a bit more emotional I suppose, there are less mistakes, but over all an incredible tale of second chance at love. I think for me what let it down is nothing was resolved how I thought it would be, It has a happy ending and it was an enjoyable read, but after reading about Brenda in book 1, I was expecting this kick ass woman, I mean don’t get me wrong I loved Brenda in this she just wasn’t more, I think you would need to read book 1 to understand. I thought she was a top chick, tough as nails but squishy inside when it came to her friends. Here we have the tale of Sonny and Brenda, He gets sent to prison for a long time for something he did with her father, but through an incident in prison he is released early, now this is where I sort of lost a bit of love for Sonny, he didn’t want her for the 6 years he was banged up, I understand why he did it, doesn’t make it right, that he made this decision and treated her so badly, All this time Brenda is struggling to accept that her man who she has loved nearly her whole adult life, doesn’t want her, she tries to move on, goes out on dates, but picks guys she knows she has no intentions of been with. As you travel through the book and read her entries into the journals she keeps, I felt a lump in my throat, I felt her anger, yet for all that the moment she sees him all seems to be forgiven, she falls at his feet nearly, He walks back into a life SHE KEPT locked up for him safe and sound, literally preserved so he could just step straight back into it, now that’s a good woman.
Brenda for me was awesome, she is loved by everyone but her own actual family, all though we don’t get anything more from them than the bare essentials, we have one little incident when Sonny’s mother turns up and becomes the woman from hell carted away like some escaped mental patient, and that’s it, To be honest you didn’t need that at all, I couldn’t see the point of adding it. We knew from the earlier descriptions that he came from a bad lot. So truly couldn’t see why that scene was added.
Then we come to the stalker, it did have me turning pages fast to see what happened next, but again it was ended on a fizzle, there was no reasons why he did, other than she sold him a house. I wanted him punished for what he put her through, Brenda has the greatest group of friends who have each others backs always no matter the incident and that comes through loud and clear in both of the books I have read so far. I love Bird and his family. and Zeke and his lot, there is a great mixture of people, you can feel the affection written in her words. That I truly love. Its nice to read an MC boo where it isn’t always about the club sluts, I do hate that description.
Over all its a good read, already got book 3 and 4 in my kindle, looking forward to them. I will say this the growth of this writer is extraordinary she is getting better and better with each book, there a less mistakes. I hope this series runs for awhile as there are some fascinating Side kicks I want to know more about.


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