Suzy’s Book Reviews ( Grunt: Texas Kings MC, Book 4 ) by Cee Bowerman

Grunt Texas Kings MC book 4 by Cee Bowerman

Suzy’s Book Reviews Grunt: (Texas Kings MC, Book 4 )

BOOK GRUNT ( Texas Kings MC, Book 4)
AUTHOR Cee Bowerman
GENRE MC Romance/Contemporary
Break Down of the book and my ratings
The Plot ::: 5/5
The Main Characters ::: 5/5
The Supporting cast :::: 5/5
The Feels :::: 5/5
The Angst :::: 5/5
How hot it is :::: 5/5
Writing Style :::: 4/5
World Building :::: 5/5
Originality :::: 5/5
Ending :::: 5/5
Book Cover :::: Boring
Format :::: Kindle eBook
Would I read more from the author? :::: Yes
Would I recommend this book? :::: Yes


After losing his family years ago, Grunt was content with his memories and the brotherhood he found in his club. After a near death experience, he realizes that it’s time to move on with his life and let the past go. Just days after that decision, his life changed for the better – drastically.Shannon has had her share of heartbreak while raising her children, but she’s convinced that destiny will bring her a partner. She needs a man who can make her laugh, love her and her children, and stick around through the good times and the bad.A chance meeting introduces Shannon and Grunt, and the sparks fly. Both of them fight it, but in the end they realize that they are better together than they ever were apart.



This is book 4 in this wonderful Texas Kings MC series and we have Shannon”Sour Patch “green and Grayson “Grunt ” Parker’s Story. We were introduced to Grunt in earlier books but he really came to the forefront in Summer and Bird’s story, obviously Shannon been Summers mother, and the mother of 7 kids was going to make this one an interesting read, well Mrs Bowerman didn’t disappoint, It was fabulous with real laugh out moments, Frick and Frack the fainting goats had me howling, the very very intelligent kids had me giggling also.

Summer loaning out her mother’s house to an injured MC member so he could hide out add a coming home early mother was bound to cause some trouble and boy did it. If I could have give this one more stars I would, this was incredible, it had me laughing, crying and just this warm glow all over me while reading this. The best part for me was for the first time EVER this was about an older couple, who had both been put through the mill, had baggage and were not broken but severely cracked, they just needed the right person to come along and fill those cracks up. Grunt who has been part of these books from the beginning was fabulous and the way author has written him you can feel his pain and anguish, the scene in the hospital especially caused a huge lump in my throat. Shannon her self is my favourite so far, she rocked this book, she was sexy, funny a great mother, full of love and just shone, even with all the stuff life had thrown at her she was still positive still this wonderful lady, I loved the fact that she hit it off with Martha as well. Her kids where do you begin, from Willow and Atlas who we need to know more about, to Petra, Jewel, Spruce but my favourite is Terran that boy made me sob. Just read the book it has it all. My only criticism is once again it needed another proof read before publishing, again with the wrong names, multiple times mother and daughter names were mixed up. I had to go back and re read in case I got it wrong, it did make it difficult to read sometimes. 5 stars are given by me because the growth that the writer is showing is phenomenal. I am so happy to see that Lout has his book next already got it, and December sees the release of Martha and Smokey’s book. The series just gets better and better. The amount of characters in the club it could run for a while as long as you keep Kale and Bird and Martha and Smokey in. The entire series is full of hot alpha bikers, they touch on subjects that a lot of families deal with. The club has strong men but what makes them even stronger are the sassy and kick your ass take no prisoners very strong women behind them. The family gatherings, the unconditional family love, loyalty, lots and lots of children, make this series exceptional.

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