BOOK REVIEW in the LIGHT of day by KA Graham

BOOK REVIEW >> in the LIGHT of day BY KA Graham


There’s darkness in all of us.

Micah I’m a nobody. An outcast. A shadow. I never aligned with the jocks and their fake barbie girlfriends, not that I wanted to. Being invisible worked for me until he showed up.He showed me a path I never intended to walk, and I slid into his life easily. Too easily. Now that the devil has embraced me, I crave the heat of his flames.

She doesn’t think I see her. She’s wrong. She’s all I see. My dark angel. We’re more alike than she could ever imagine. Soon I will make her mine.I was always good at playing the part of the jock that everyone worships. In reality, I’m the devil with no remorse. It’s time to free my soul and rid myself of the rodents.

BOOK In the LIGHT of the day
GENRE YA/ Dark themed/College Fiction
My run down of the book and ratings
The Plot ::: 4/5
The Main Characters ::: 4/5
The Supporting cast :::: 3/5
The Feels :::: 5/5
The Angst :::: 5/5
How hot it is :::: 2/5
Writing Style :::: 4/5
World Building :::: 3/5
Originality :::: 3/5
Ending :::: 2/5
Book Cover :::: OK
Format :::: Kindle eBook
Would I read more from the author? :::: Yes
Would I recommend this book? :::: Yes


The tale is told in dual POV. Micah and Quinn are very twisted enthralling characters that made the story interesting reading. A dark romance full of angst, grit your teeth moments. Just when I thought here we go, shits gonna hit the fan the author twists it. There are triggers for some I suppose but I’ve very few hard limits and liked almost everything about it.
We have the story of Micah a seriously unhappy young lady bullied to the point of despair, suicidal thoughts a misfit, completely alone with no one to help, bullies you just want to rip their head off too. Introduced to this mixture we have Quinn who is the hottie and king of the school but who also is at the mercy of his diabolical mother, abused ridiculed but puts on a front to everyone else that he is the king of the heap, while inside he is the DEVIL himself, so full of hatred. Such a sad and angry young man.
Two broken souls, meet with a deep hatred for a world that is surely full of cruel people, Bullies become the bullied history on repeat.
This book is a dark tale in places, so much sadness and just downtrodden in life children, Yet it’s also for me a warning of what goes around comes around KARMA, How you treat people is how it is returned and in some cases with malice. Parents who hold their children to such high standards while been utter bastards, or completely out of the loop, not sure which are worse the ones who bully or the ones who bury their heads in the sand. Your child should be your most prize’d possession not an accessory, not a punch bag verbal or otherwise, but an extension of all you are.
“if I tell you about my past, It’s not because I want you to feel sorry for me, but so you understand why I am who I am “
This aptly describes both Quinn and Micah, two perfectly imperfect specimens of youth and hatred and lust for revenge, TWO PERFECTLY IMPERFECT SOULS.
Quinn is Micah’s dark Fairy tale and she his twisted fantasy and together they think they make magic. With a lust for revenge.
Red and black a red heart beating for your black heart becoming one, Quinn turned the frighten sheep into a ferocious lion, He shows the devil living inside, two loves destined to be, Their love forever will be.
This is a tale of betrayal of standing up to your nemesis facing your fears, but ultimately BE YOU there is only one you and that’s all there will ever be.

You reap what you sew, treat how you want to be treated, and always remember KARMA IS A BITCH, and she will repay.
Our vows were simple and to the point. Also a bit disturbing but symbolic all the same.
My gun is cocked and loaded, Aimed straight at your heart. My life means nothing without you, No motherfucker will ever tear us apart. You are the Sheri Moon to my Rob Zombie, I’m the Jekyll to your Hyde. Stick with me, my dark angel, Your devil will never leave your side. I’ll love beyond forever, my angel.
When the zombie apocalypse hits, and you’ve turned into a walker, I promise to let you bite me. I’m eternally yours, my devil.

Great 4 star read
This would have been a 5 star read all the way if not for that turn in the story and that shoddy ending. I loved this book right up until they both turned so called good, I was expecting a murdering rampage so it is rather unfair of me to give it 4 stars instead of 5 but that’s as it it. Sorry its my blood thirsty mind at work. I was expecting the book to go one way and it didn’t and after all the build up it was a bit of a let down, but read it your self and make your own mind up. That’s the joy of reading we all view it differently.

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