Former Navy SEAL Gage Winters is surprised to suddenly have custody of adorable twins after a childhood friend and his wife are killed. Adjusting to life as a new father is hard enough, but when the babies’ gorgeous aunt, Kylie Fredericks, shows up at his doorstep, determined to play a role in the babies’ lives, Gage can’t help but accept her help—at least for now. A loner by nature, Gage isn’t completely happy about sharing his home, even if his new roommate is sexy, single, and a natural around babies. But he’s admittedly in way over his head and while he’s wary of Kylie, he can’t deny how nice it is to have her around. And not just for the babies.  Initially Kylie can’t see why her sister chose Gage as the twin’s guardian, but the longer she stays, the more she realizes that not only is Gage a good father, he’s also a good man. Not to mention pretty easy on the eyes. But Gage has one fatal flaw: he wants more children…and that’s something Kylie can never give him. Though they’re becoming a cozy family, Kylie has to remind herself that she and Gage have no future together.  When Kylie and the twins are attacked in a park, Gage’s protective instincts go into high gear. Keeping the babies and Kylie safe becomes his number one priority. Too bad he didn’t think about protecting his heart. With an unknown threat circling closer by the minute, Gage and Kylie will do whatever they can to keep the babies safe—even if it means risking their own lives and sacrificing the love their hearts are having an increasingly hard time denying.

This novel contains sexual content, violence, and profanity.

Former Navy SEAL Gage Winters is surprised to suddenly have custody of adorable twins after a childhood friend and his wife are killed

I have to be honest this is my first Leslie North book will it be my last is the ultimate question though, and the straight up answer is no. I thoroughly enjoyed Guarding his Unexpected Twins, while it is a standalone it does belong in with the rest of the Seal Endgame, as from the name each one is about a seal, This one is about Gage and the beautiful Kylie. The way that Gage becomes the guardian of a set of twins is sad, but he stepped up to the plate and did his best, I Loved that it shows just how difficult and scary it is having a baby or babies in this case is, especially when you are not a baby person. Gage was a really good character, well thought out and developed Kylie it took me a little longer to warm up to her, once I did they both came relatable, the progression of the story between the both of them was beautiful. The grief they both had to work through especially Kylie . I cannot imagine what it must have been like for her, when you through in doubts confusion and their own insecurities it isn’t exactly a recipe for success. Yet the story flows well and pulls at your heart strings that the time you have invested into to the story is well rewarded. It pulled at my heart strings which most of the time a lot of books fail to do. Gage is like his name yes he is strong but doesn’t like to air his feelings and wants things done his way. Kylie is a free spirit that on paper doesn’t or shouldn’t work, but in reality does the chemistry is undeniable between them. Do they act on it or do they remain as friends, Jealousy anger and sadness dominate but hope and happy endings are also here. In brief I enjoyed the story well done LESLIE NORTH.

City Lights (Satan’s Sinners M.C. Book 1) by Colby Kay, Book 1 of 8

Zoey Porter has been wanting a way out. She wasn’t expecting it to happen the way it did. Hanger, President of the Satan’s Sinners, is an asshole. Never caring about anything or anybody except his self and his brothers. One night changes everything for the both of them and no one seen it coming. What happens when a sweet girl that’s had her choices taken from her is found by Hanger? Will he start having more to care about and want to give her the life back that she lost?

“ DNF”

Why a 2 star rating then I hear you ask, because they wrote it, I am not about tearing down anyone but when you pay money for a book you do expect something, Last year I read 450+ Books, so I know a good book when I see it, I do consider the reviews also, It had 5 stars on so many reviews, I thought it had to be good., well this is my take on it, agree or disagree. Its entirely up to you.

After a few days of unbelievable book reading, I have read one epic book after another, so it was safe to say, I thought I was on a lucky streak, Not so I am afraid, first book I have ever read by this author, will it be my last. I honestly don’t know as I couldn’t finish this one. The events in the book are so unbelievable, yes as you all know  you stretch the imagination a lot when reading, Yet if you are anything like me, you need believablity, Its not fantasy or science fiction, were the impossible becomes possible, It was a romance so you expect romance, this was not the case. or if it was I didn’t finish it to find out. 

If you put in a subject matter such as ASL( American Sign Language)  then you should at least know some things about it, This story had the main female lead teaching it in two weeks when in fact It takes years to learn ASL. It takes 60 to 90 hours (plus some “practice” time) to memorise a “book” of signs, most people can then string those signs together using English syntax (word order) and have a “passable” conversation with a Deaf person. If this was in the UK we have a completely different way, that takes for ever to learn and I am speaking from experience as my sister is deaf, but taken that all aside for one minute, 

“SPOILER” We had a young woman Zoey who was literally beaten unconscious and thrown out of a moving truck, wakes up days later in a strange environment and acts like an immature kid, and as if its a day at the park.  I would be screaming the place down. A book for me has to have a few elements in place, like able Characters, the inevitable bad guy/girl/wicked parents/gangs/ the list is endless, to be somewhat believable not entirely fantasy but even that is pushing it. As the book progressed I honestly didn’t want to know anymore about this young lady.Nor the male lead.  Hanger was a bit of a bully 25 year old been President when he didn’t act like he could manage been a prospect.
I apologise to all who are fans but not for me I am afraid,( I READ A LOT OF BOOKS) some I review some I don’t this one needs a positive thought to finish with The writer has a very good imagination. I wanted so much to like this as it seems to be the first in the series. The rest of the cast didn’t fair to well either,  From the reviews already, I believe its doing well , just not for me. Not even interested in the rest of the series, The author has others I will check out. 

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